ENE (Environment Northeast) is a non-profit organization at the forefront of efforts to combat global warming and promote clean energy and clean air solutions in New England and Eastern Canada. ENE researches, develops and advocates innovative policies that tackle the region's environmental challenges while promoting sustainable economies.

Policy makers look to ENE as a trusted source for detailed information and practical policy options on climate change. That’s because ENE is both a think tank, crafting cutting edge polices based on in-depth economics research and complex data analyses, and a group of skilled advocates who put policy ideas into action. ENE's high caliber team of economists, attorneys and environmental scientists advances policies that simultaneously strengthen environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. And ENE works closely with stakeholders, government representatives, business leaders, and consumer and environmental organizations to ensure that policies are effective and sound.

In 2008, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) awarded one of its four Champion of Efficiency Awards to ENE for demonstrating leadership and accomplishment in the energy efficiency field. ENE is also pleased to be included on Charity Navigator's list of "Top Ten Charities to Watch" and to have earned the site's 4-star rating for effectiveness in using revenue for program purposes.