Climate Change Solutions

Human activity is changing our planet. The coal, oil and gas that we burn to generate electricity, fuel our cars, and heat our buildings produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are warming the planet and threatening our future. Scorching heat waves, increased spread of diseases, rising sea levels, and stronger storms are but a few of the impacts predicted to occur with increasing frequency. By acting now to reduce global warming pollution, we and future generations can avoid the most severe threats to our economy, environment, health, and quality of life.

Developing solutions to the climate crisis is the umbrella for all of ENE’s work.  All of ENE’s programs—climate, energy, transportation, and forestry/biofuels— focus on promoting policies that will reduce carbon emissions and help individual states and the region fulfill their climate action plans and goals.

In our specific climate program we develop:

  • comprehensive Roadmaps,
  • state-level action plans, and
  • pragmatic policies to help states and provinces reduce greenhouse gas emissions across multiple sectors of the economy.

ENE worked with stakeholders in Connecticut to pass groundbreaking legislation requiring mandatory cuts in carbon emissions across all sectors of the economy, and is currently working for the same in Massachusetts.

We are also working to implement key GHG reduction policies in Maine, Rhode Island and regionally, including in eastern Canada; and promoting sound policy development at the federal level derived from our experiences in precedent setting approaches in the Northeast. 

ENE's Climate Projects